The “Income Model”

Concentrates on investing assets in essential business services that generate income. This model invests in established, well-managed companies that provide goods and services that are needed in good times or bad.

The “Core Rotation Strategy”

This strategy concentrates on owning asset classes that are currently working. Why sit in an asset class that is going down month after month? Conventional wisdom tells you to rebalance and continue to buy into an asset class that is dropping, essentially throwing good money after bad. This strategy says sit in cash instead and wait for the asset class to find it’s footing. The goal is to reduce the potential for large account losses, while exposing the account to asset classes that are showing strength. This is for investors who are seeking growth but do not want to sit in the market when it experiences drops like we witnessed in 2000 and 2008.

The “Guru Strategy”

Builds upon the idea of using the best-performing managers through separately managed accounts (SMAs) which many advisors employ as their primary investment strategy. NWM has taken a step further by creating the “Guru Strategy” which invests in multiple world class managers’ “one best idea” only. This strategy has been back-tested and validated with historical data, and also eliminates the double fee issue of using SMAs through other advisors.



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