Financial Planning

The economic conditions over the past decade have forced many investors to re-evaluate their personal financial plans that were rooted in investment and financial planning assumptions that have not held true. This has forced some to reduce their current standard of living, re-enter the workforce or extend the years before retirement.

NWM’s financial planning works hand in hand with our investment strategies to help our clients weather all types of market and economic conditions. Customization allows us to ensure that your overall financial plan is working toward your desired end goals. For our clients who wish to explore the process with us, we offer financial planning at our expense.

Retirement & Income Planning

NWM is particularly well-versed in retirement planning issues. We help clients build wealth on a tax-efficient basis before they retire, and after retirement, help them increase or maintain income while preserving their capital. Often times our clients have several retirement accounts, e.g., qualified retirement plans, 401(k)s, IRAs, SEPs, 403(b)s, annuities, etc., plus other income sources; Social Security, pension, real estate rental income, and more.

We analyze retirement payout options for our clients, and in the case with Social Security, look for the optimal strategy to maximize the timing and amount of benefits that our clients can receive. Our planning process helps clients evaluate how much income is needed to be financially independent while providing cash flow in the most tax-favored manner during retirement.

Estate Planning

NWM’s estate planning service is twofold: to ensure that our clients’ assets are positioned for distribution in accordance with their wishes, and to help their heirs receive the maximum possible financial benefit while minimizing taxes. Evaluating something as simple as how to list beneficiaries on retirement accounts and insurance to making sure that the way you hold title on your real estate works in harmony with your estate plans, is a part of the estate planning process at NWM.

Estate planning is typically not on the top of people’s “to-do” lists so we help our clients through the process so it isn’t so daunting. We work with your legal counsel to help you through the estate planning or distribution process. Additionally we have a network of attorneys whom we can refer when needed.

Tax Consulting

NWM’s tax planning services can help our clients navigate simple to complex tax situations. We work with our client’s accountants and CPAs and utilize a network of tax professionals to help them with their tax planning needs.

Insurance Consulting and Services

Insurance is a critical component of many financial plans, and we help our clients assess their current policies and identify potential gaps in coverage that may exist. NWM provides a wide array of insurance products, including life, disability and long-term care insurance, through partnerships with leading independent insurance agencies. Their independence, like ours, allows us to find our clients the right products at the right prices to fit their needs.

Family Office “Concierge” Services

Our Family Office Service provides customized solutions for clients who wish to have NWM involved in the management of other areas of their financial lives beyond traditional financial planning and asset management services. This is a needs based service and our pricing will vary dependent upon the services NWM provides. Sample services include bill paying, research for major purchases, travel arrangements, property management, philanthropy, etc.



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