What is the advantage of working with a firm like NWM?

NWM is an independent wealth management firm. We don’t work for a Wall Street “parent” company – we work for our clients. Our clients receive a financial plan when needed, at our expense, so we have a blueprint to work from in helping them reach their financial goals. We are a team of advisors experienced in financial planning, along with portfolio design and management. We perform our own research and design our investment portfolios with individual securities – stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds. We take pride in being a high-touch firm by contacting our clients regularly, something that most people tell us they didn’t experience with their last advisor.

Who is a typical NWM client?

NWM works with a wide range of clients; from the accumulation stage of investing to the distribution phase. A few examples of clients we serve include retirees who wish to maintain their retirement cash flow needs, medical professionals building their practices and local business owners. We also act as a trusted financial partner and sounding board for many women who are managing their finances on their own. Our relationship-based approach to servicing provides our clients with the confidence and comfort that their financial goals are always in focus. Most of our clients share the similar belief that preservation of capital and investment in quality, income-producing securities are important components to their personal, long-term financial success. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss how a relationship with NWM may be a good fit for those who wish to explore it.

Why is it important to work with a CFP (Certified Financial Planner)?

Many investors assume that all planners or advisors are certified to provide financial planning services to their clients. This is not true. Only those who have completed the comprehensive course of study and successfully passed the certification process are approved by the CFP board and can display the CFP certification to the public. It is important to be confident that your financial planner is competent, ethical and working in your best interest. Working with a CFP can provide a sense of security knowing that they have met the requirements necessary to be approved by the CFP board to practice as a Certified Financial Planner. For more information regarding the CFP designation, please visit

What is the difference between a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) like Napa Wealth Management and a broker?

The main difference is this: a RIA has a responsibility to you – a broker may not. A RIA has a fiduciary duty to place a client’s interests ahead of his/her own. Brokers have no such obligations. A broker is essentially a sales agent – and rather than your interests coming first, a broker’s first duty is often to his firm. This is often evidenced by the fact that a brokers are encouraged to sell you their firm’s products – not always your best buy – and not always in your best interest. You may not be offered the most economical fee/commission payment option, or fees might be hidden, disguised or paid by the funds to the broker.

Brokers do not always clearly describe themselves as brokers but there is a big difference between a Registered Investment Advisor and the other similar titles used by brokers such as financial advisor, financial consultant, or financial planner. The nature of a broker’s compensation and his relationship with his employer might diminish a client’s chance of achieving a fee-efficient, well-performing portfolio. If a broker takes commissions from the funds that he buys, his decisions might be biased or self-serving. The integrity of advice might be compromised. When sales incentives or job security issues drive a Broker’s buying decisions, his/her client’s interests might suffer.

How is my account billed?

We bill in advance on a quarterly basis. Depending on the month your funds are deposited into your TD Ameritrade account, we place you in the following month’s billing. For example, if your funds hit your account on October 15th, you will be placed in November 1st billing and will continue to be billed quarterly (you next billing date would be February 1st in this example).

Who makes the investment decisions regarding my portfolio?

Simply stated, we do. NWM will act on your behalf as your investment manager. You won’t be bothered with phone calls and sales pitches about why you should buy or sell a security. We manage your account so you can enjoy not worrying about the stock market. Our investment research and trading is managed by Tim Ayles, our Chief Investment Officer. Of course, you receive confirmations each time a trade is performed in your account.

How often will I receive statements?

You will receive statements and performance reports quarterly from NWM when you are billed along with an annual statement in January. You will receive statements from TD Ameritrade monthly and trade confirmations when trades are made. They can come in the form of paper or electronic statements through email.

Will I have online access to my accounts?

Yes. You will be provided with a login and password to view your accounts online.

What is NWM’s relationship to TD Ameritrade?

TD Ameritrade is the custodian. NWM is the Registered Investment Advisor. NWM acts as the advisor in managing your account which is held (in custody) at TD Ameritrade on your behalf. The custodian’s role is to support the relationship between you and NWM by streamlining back office procedures. TD Ameritrade’s support allows NWM to spend more time managing your portfolio and helping you achieve your financial objectives.


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